Campbell’s Story: Lessons Learned

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Campbell Darby was only thirteen when he took his first trip to Kenya. His life was changed and impacted by the people he met while there—the connections he created and the lessons he learned will last a lifetime.

Campbell and childIn 2008, my family and I took our first trip to Makutano, Kenya.  I looked on it then, in the beginning at least, as just a vacation—somewhere fun, exciting, and new. I had no idea how much this one trip would change and shape my life as well as the way I saw the world, and how lucky we are to live in a country as prosperous
as America.

I have since been back to Kenya twice and each time, I am amazed to see how far things have come and how much work God has done there.  I went there to help them, whether
it was with school, or delivering chickens for a family in need.  But I feel now that it is
they who have helped me; I was given opportunities to see things that most people never have, or never will.

Many times I have looked back on my trips to Kenya and have been amazed at how much they were willing to give.  Those people who had so little, and yet would give it all away, in some cases to people they barely knew.  Others have demonstrated the importance of hard work and perseverance.  Nixon, Mama, and Davis, would be great examples of this.  In one of these cases, we now have only memories to show us and to remind us of the truly important things in life, and just how far hard work and a good attitude can take us. 

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