Cassidy’s Story: Reflections

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After Cassidy Clasen’s most recent trip to Makutano, she wanted to summarize what her experiences had been and what they meant to her. Here are her reflections:

CassidyThis is my attempt to sum up my trip this year to Kenya. Warning: I may cry. You won’t see it (lucky you!) but I hope you feel my heart for this place. Ok, here we go.

“How was it?” Oh my… How can I answer that? It was too good to be true—I cannot believe how blessed I am to see these beautiful and blessed people two years in a row. All I keep thinking is that I need to go back. How can I get back? Does God want me to live there? Is that why I feel like I belong there when I’m there, and that I’m just not satisfied here? There have been some really hard days coming home… But then I remember those kids’ singing voices and dancing bodies and can’t stop smiling. Do I really have the right to be mad that I have to go back upstairs to get something? I am blessed to be able to go up the stairs, and to have something to get from upstairs. But last year was such a life-changing trip, I never thought that I could love them any more, or another trip would be better. How wrong
I was.

You know how they say “the more the merrier?” Yeah, that’s how this feels. I just want to share it with the world… And yet, I kind of want to keep it to myself. This year, Margaret and Davis and me and Mom and Haley got to share this beautiful village with seven others. And so many things happened.

Fist bumpingWe got flowers from some of the kids that were sponsored, we got to see a wedding (dear friends of ours, no less!), we attended a church service, we saw people’s homes, we experienced what it means to have a car break down on a pot-holey road in what seems like the middle of nowhere, yet the middle of everywhere. We experienced the patience of children who aren’t on a tight schedule (at least until there’s rain), and the joy of one thousand Christmas mornings all wrapped up in one afternoon, in bags and pencils and washcloths and 400 kids’ faces. We read to kids and taught them, and we played with them. There were so many things that I can’t even describe.

I know that God is everywhere, but MAN I can see it in even the three- and four-year-olds’ faces. From that age all the way to 95 years old, everyone has UNSPEAKABLE joy. I began sponsoring another child… I don’t know how I will come up with the money, but all I can say is that GOD WILL PROVIDE. I will do anything I have to if it means that I will go to Makutano, Kenya again. As these tears stream Cassidy with kidsdown my face, I am confident that, by the will of God, I will now do whatever it is that He wants me to do. Because He can take me to the other side of the world in His hands, He can take me anywhere in His hands. I never imagined being impacted so much. But it does not feel different—this is most certainly my life now. My love and appreciation for Village Project Africa is growing, and can only do that.

I constantly miss the little kids I sponsor through VPA, and their sweet faces, along with the laughter in of the kids who see their faces on the display screen of a camera. That is how I remember them: by their smiles, laughs, handshakes, and hugs. Their sweet, lovely voices, and their quiet natures (or their smiley ones). 

Dear God,

As everyone here prays for the Kenyan people, please give them knowledge that we are praying for them. I think about them every day, and I don’t know if my longing can ever be satisfied unless You help me. I pray that I always look towards you in everywhere I go, and that You watch over all Your children. Thank You for a loving hand when needed, and a protective hand in all different journeys. I love You so much, and help me keep my eyes on You and You alone. Thank You for all of Your provisions– too long of a list for me to even think of them all. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray and believe, Amen.

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