Our farm provides a source of food and nutrition for our students, as well as income for our school! By simply providing healthy snacks and meals to our students, we have noticed an instant improvement in their well-being and happiness!


  • Grow fruits and vegetables on two-acres on our property
  • Raise 200 chickens in coops, providing fresh eggs and poultry
  • Sell fresh, farm-raised eggs, poultry, meat, and produces to the community
  • Care for high-quality dairy cows
  • Maintain beehives for fresh honey
  • Utilize greenhouses for year-round growing

“Since our friend, Morghan took over work with our chickens, egg production has gone up a great deal. Recently, we were able to sell almost 200 eggs and provide food for so many people. We are so excited with how this program is progressing under Morghan’s care!” – Lauren Parker, Director of Donor Relations

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  • P.O. Box 382
    Noblesville, IN 46061


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