Love Changing Lives: The Village Project Africa Story

This documentary, written and directed by Emmy® award winner Donald Boggs, tells the stories of seven persons whose lives have been changed by God’s love in the tiny village of Makutano, Kenya.

Filmed on location in Kenya in October 2016, the documentary shares the experiences of Village Project Africa founder and president, Margaret Lewis as she suffered the loss of her husband and traveled to Makutano to rebuild her  life. The film also focuses on the trials and challenges of four students at Heritage Academy as well as two American sponsors who are financially and prayerfully supporting the project.

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Violet’s Story

Before Violet came to us she was an outcast—a widow, mother of eight, living with HIV/AIDS. We found her lonely, hungry, sick, and homeless, mocked and shunned by her neighbors. Now, as a result of our Women’s Community, Violet sings for joy at what God has brought into her life—friends, food, a home, a school… hope! She has found acceptance and love in our women’s group and has learned tangible life skills such as sewing and bead making. As a result, her neighbors are coming closer to see what has happened to Violet—to see her face is to see the hand of God. They call her
a testimony.

Risper’s Story

Before coming to Heritage Academy, Risper often fainted—she was sick, did not have enough to eat, and no one to care for her. Now, we are her family. In addition to a quality education (she’s one of the top students in Class Five), she has been provided a place to stay, plenty to eat, and medicine to keep her well. We love Risper dearly! These days, she is the picture of health and happiness.

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Trizah Tamara’s Story

It is amazing how God allows us to intersect with lives of families in our midst! During a village visit, our director noticed Faith holding her baby girl, Trizah Tamara. While toddling around her home, Trizah Tamara pulled hot cooking oil down on herself, causing severe burns to the right side of her body. Her mother, Faith, was desperate, thinking her baby was going to die. Our director talked to Faith and arranged for Trizah Tamara to be taken to the hospital where she received treatment. She is now home and healing with her family. Faith started classes at Heritage College and will be training to be a teacher!

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Haley’s Story

God does big things. I have been so blessed to visit the village of Makutano and see my life changed by the grace of God. My horizon has expanded and my heart is open in a way it never could be without the people who have lodged themselves in my heart. I know God is calling me to serve full-time, potentially in global missions, and I can’t wait for the amazing ways He will move!

But I am so thankful that He does small things too. Each day, He shows me that much more what His plan looks like in actuality, as I deny myself, take up my cross and follow Christ (Matthew 16:24). He is cultivating a servant’s heart, a heart for Him, a work that will never be “good enough” by a God that is always enough. I thank Him for moving across the world, and for moving me across the world to see it. Thanks, Village Project Africa!

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Shelly’s Story

Before I went to Kenya, I had trouble understanding how my small contribution to a person or place could really make much of a difference in changing the world. The needs are so overwhelming that I ended up doing nothing. I prayed for God to give me a personal connection to somewhere and someone … and, wow did He answer that prayer! I saw and experienced how something that seems small to me can bring huge results to someone else.

Now that I’ve visited Kenya, there is a name, face and emotion attached to the person at the other end of my sponsorship. There is a life that is impacted, hope that is given, and new doors that are opened. In the words of my pastor, I am learning to “trust God for the needs He asks me to meet … and to trust Him for the needs I cannot meet.

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