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P.O. Box 382               Noblesville, IN 46061

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jamie@villageprojectafrica.org for general, travel or donation questions

mary@villageprojectafrica.org for sponsorship and bags and beads questions

carolyn@villageprojectafrica.org for receipts and EOY statements

danita@villageprojectafrica.org for social media and website questions

Would you like Margaret…

…to speak and share the story of Village Project Africa with your group or church?  Please email Jamie Stone (email address above) to inquire.  When Margaret is in the states and has available time, she loves to share what is happening in the village with a few stories. 

In addition, if you have an interest in purchasing a bag or beads, or selling them at an event, please contact Mary McDaniel.  There is currently a limited supply. We are eagerly looking forward to the time we can transport them easily again and rebuild our stock.

Please note: Any item purchased is not a tax deductible gift since goods are received.

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