Our Model

Our Model
We are different

We are Kenyan-led and serve our village through:


  • All children can be educated, even those who have trouble learning.
  • Children learn better when they are not hungry.  We feed more than 1,000 students and staff everyday.
  • Our home/school counseling helps keep poverty-stricken students in school.
  • Our high school has classes for everyone – life skills, general courses and college prep.
  • Test preparation is important and emphasized but love for the child is evident.


  • We offer a time and place for women to socialize.
  • Widow support, encouragement and protection is  profoundly important to us.
  • We provide women with life skills training in sewing, bead-making, gardening and caring for farm animals so they can provide for their families.


  • We have an on-site health clinic for children, staff and community.
  • We teach hygiene and continue to improve the toilet facilities.
  • We have added multiple hand washing stations throughout the campuses for better health.
  • We provide washable masks for each child and staff member.
  • We treat for pests in homes of poverty.
  • Widows and others living in poverty receive access to clean water.
  • We assist HIV/AIDS patients in making their monthly trip to Eldoret for check-ups and medicine.
  • We provide shoes as needed to prevent jiggers, sand fleas that infect the foot. 


  • We grow as many vegetables as we can to supplement our students’ nutrition.
  • We teach agriculture classes in our high school for all levels of learning.
  • Our high school students use their knowledge to help others in the community learn to farm.
  • When possible, we provide a pig or farm animal to a widow or family.  In turn, they give one of the offspring to someone else in the community.

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