Sponsor Spotlight

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Lydia’s Ladies, a group of women at Church at the Crossing, was one of our first sponsors. An orphan was brought to us who had no one to take care of her. We took her in, made the need known and the Lydia’s Ladies as a group became her sponsors. They met once a month […]

Farming Spotlight: Pigs!

Pigs are very important to the economy of Makutano. Owning a pig can provide financial stability to a family but it is nearly impossible for a family be able to purchase one. We have a pig program where we give a young pig to a widow or family to raise. When it reproduces, they give […]

Staff Spotlight: Ruth

Ruth is a teacher and dorm mother at Heritage Primary School. Hers is literally a 24/7 job, so we caught up with her during a break during the school day to learn more about her experience at Heritage. Ruth first learned about Heritage Academy after she walked passed the school property. When she inquired about […]

Staff Spotlight: Gibson

Gibson has been an incredible addition to our Heritage Academy staff. As headmaster at the primary school and the high school, his leadership and work ethic have really had a positive impact on so many. Since he was young, Gibson always knew he wanted to work with children. He started out with the goal of […]

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