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Sponsorship is…

…one of the cornerstone projects for Village Project Africa. Sponsorship not only provides for the immediate needs of students, but it also lets them know they are important and that someone cares about them.  We don’t only think about what a child will become tomorrow, we know that he or she is someone special today. 

Each sponsorship plays a powerful role in improving the Makutano community and beyond!


90% of children attending Heritage Academy have families who cannot afford to pay for their children’s education and have no other hope for education without a sponsorship or scholarship.

Our staff personally knows and is closely involved with families and students who are impacted by sponsorship or scholarship.

Healthy meals, healthcare and a school uniform are provided for each child.

Sponsored children receive continued services during months when school is not in session.

On-campus girls’ and boys’ dormitories provide safe housing.

When you sponsor…

  • You will receive a packet with a picture and information about the child or student you selected, usually within two weeks of sponsorship.
  • You will receive periodic updates and pictures of your child or student.
  • While birthdays and Christmas are not customarily celebrated with gifts, we suggest a new sweater and shoes once a year or extra supplies such as toiletries, underwear and socks through an online donation to Child Supplies.
  • We encourage you to send emails to your child or student using the following link.  Please put your child’s name in the subject line.
  • You will be able to access information about your sponsorship pledge at any time with our online sponsorship software.  You can log into your account on the right side, top or bottom of each website page.

For questions about sponsorship, please contact us at

Primary Sponsorship:
Age 3 through Class 8

  • $40 per month

Through our Primary Sponsorship program, you can provide education, nutrition, and medical care to a child at Heritage Academy.  Because there are many children who are living in unsafe or unstable home environments, or who don’t have enough food at home, or who walk too far to school, we provide many at-risk children a safe place to live.  A Primary Sponsorship covers our costs for housing students and providing food for them when school is not in session.  Additionally, we have found it to be a wonderful advantage for children to live in the dorm as they prepare for high school.    

Click on this Sponsorship button to see children who need a sponsor.

Child Sponsorship:
Classes 9 through 12

  • Full sponsorship is $80 per month
  • Co-sponsorship is $40 per month 

Through the student sponsorship program, you can provide a sponsorship for a student to attend Heritage High School. Your sponsorship covers the cost of education, including science labs and computer training, room and board and medical care.  Without sponsorship, these teenagers and young adults have little prospect for further education after graduating from primary school.  All high school students live in the dormitories so that they have the advantages that electricity can offer:  extra study time and time to work on computer skills.  If you would like to help a high school student and cannot do a full sponsorship, we will look for someone to co-sponsor with you! Alternatively, you can contribute any amount to a high school scholarship fund by using the donate button above.  We will use this fund to award scholarships to deserving students who do not have a sponsor.

Click this Sponsorship button to see students who need a sponsor.

“We have watched children change before our eyes once they had enough to eat and felt loved at school.”

Margaret Lewis, Founder and President

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