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… and experience rural Kenyan life firsthand.  Usually, when there is not a pandemic, teams travel to Makutano to visit and work with Village Project Africa through out the year.  Once it is prudent to travel, if you have a group, we can help you organize your trip from the time you arrive in Nairobi.  We can accommodate up to 10 guests. Generally a trip can look like this.

  • Arrive in Nairobi at night (most flights from Europe.)
  • Stay at a western style hotel near the airport (with pre-arranged transport).
  • Take a short domestic flight the next day to Eldoret.
  • Be met at the Eldoret arrival gate by VPA representative (return trip also provided.)
  • Drive to the village (about one hour) and settle into the guest quarters in a gated family compound.
  • Spend your days at the school or clinic, bringing a simple packed lunch.
  • Eat all other meals at the family compound (mostly American-style meals.) One dinner with students and staff at the high school is possible, rain permitting.
  • A safari can be arranged and is recommended at least once.
  • $30 per night per person in the village provides food and bottled water. It also helps us maintain the facility and pays for our wonderful assistants
  • We will also help you with the following:

    • your selections for international travel
    • your domestic (Kenya) flight reservations
    • your hotel reservation
    • your safari reservation
    • your tourist visa.

    We will plan a VPA escorted trip sometime later in 2021 or in 2022, depending on interest, school schedule, and recommendations for safe travel. For more information, or if you have your own group or family who would like to visit, contact us at info@villageprojectafrica.org.  We’d love to have you!


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