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… provides a good source of nutritious food for our students.  We are able to sell any surplus we may have to provide income for our school. By providing healthy snacks and meals to our students, we have noticed an instant improvement in their well-being and happiness!  

The farm is also used for hands-on experience to teach students and widows better ways to farm. The students can then help their families produce more through farming, and the women are able to better provide for their families. 

We have established a pig and chicken program from our surplus and through donations we give a young pig or a few chickens to a family to raise.  This changes the family’s financial situation.  We also are able to provide some families with plots of ground where they can grow corn and beans.  


Grow fruits and vegetables on our property that are used to feed our students and staff

Teach agriculture in our High School and our students help families with their gardens

Provide some widows with a posho mill so that they can serve their neighbors and earn a living

Care for high-quality dairy cows

Maintain beehives for fresh honey

Utilize greenhouses for year-round growing

Provide widows and families with pigs, chickens and plots to grow beans and corn

“Joy is spreading in the village as widows receive pigs.  Quite amazing really that pigs are a lifeline to a better life because of the economic opportunities.  And the joy continues when the widows give a piglet to another family in need.”

-Davis Otieno, Director

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