Everyday life – Meal time in Kenya

Each day our cooks prepare and serve simple and nutritious meals to students and staff.  We have more than 400 high school students, 600 primary students and 100 staff members who have lunch each school day.  Lunch is the largest meal of the day and it always consists of beans and often a supplement like rice, corn, kale, avocados, cabbage or other vegetables from our garden.  In addition, since all of the high school students and 300 of the primary students board with us, we serve these students and staff 3 meals a day, 7 days a week when school is in session.  That’s a lot of meals!  The menu rarely varies:  Breakfast at 7:00 is porridge, tea and mandazis at 10:00, lunch of rice and beans at 1:00 and ugali for dinner at 6:00.  We serve meat occasionally.  This is the traditional Kenyan diet in this area.    Large portions of beans are served, and every bite is eaten.  The children bring their plate, bowl, or other vessel and wait in line to be served.  Some use a utensil to eat while others have lost their utensil or they prefer to eat with their fingers.  After they finish, they wash their dish and return it to their desk or dorm until the next meal.

They are thankful for the food since most of them come from homes where they are often hungry.  We are grateful to the many donors, sponsors and friends who faithfully give so that in addition to a great education, the students in our care have plenty to eat.  They can study and learn without the stress of being hungry.

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