Student Spotlight: Monicah Namuye

. . . a sponsorship story in her own words

“I am Monicah Nambuye.  I am a pupil in grade 5 at Dr. David Lewis Heritage Academy.  I am one of the pupils who have been able to get a good education in this good school because of a sponsorship from Brighter Children.

My parents divorced when I was in preschool.  Our father was an alcoholic and violent.  He used to beat my mother and he was irresponsible.  My mother moved from our home with me and my brother.  After we moved, I didn’t have any hope of getting an education.  We were living in a rental house in a village near Heritage.  We didn’t have food and even clothing because my mother was not working, and she had a rent fee to settle each month.  Life was very difficult for us.

A neighbor advised my mother to take me to Dr. David Lewis Heritage Academy to see if I could be assisted to get a good education.  I was given a chance, but my mother had not a single shilling for my school fees.  I went back home with my mother, crying as we walked.  I wanted so much to be in school.  After one week, I was called to school and told that Brighter Children will be sponsoring me.  I am now in school enjoying learning and getting food each day.  I want to be a nurse and help children in the future.  Thanks to Brighter Children for helping me and other children to get a good education and for giving us hope for our future.”

We are thankful for all of our sponsors!!

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