Farming Spotlight: Pigs!

Pigs are very important to the economy of Makutano. Owning a pig can provide financial stability to a family but it is nearly impossible for a family be able to purchase one. We have a pig program where we give a young pig to a widow or family to raise. When it reproduces, they give one of the new piglets to another family and they can keep and raise the others or sell them. When the pig is grown, they can sell it and use the income to support their family for quite awhile. We hope and anticipate many will continue to raise pigs and be able to support their families for years to come.

This is Elizabeth Mmbone and she received her new pig in April, 2021.   She has a husband, but he was in an accident and can’t work . They have nine children and one is a child in our grade 6 named Gloria Vugutsa.  We think that Elizabeth’s husband is well enough to help take care of the pig and we have lots of hope that getting this pig will help them financially.  Each gift represents many gifts. We gave the pig to Elizabeth but her entire family will benefit. We currently have 5 more piglets that should be big enough to give away soon.

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