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Lydia’s Ladies, a group of women at Church at the Crossing, was one of our first sponsors. An orphan was brought to us who had no one to take care of her. We took her in, made the need known and the Lydia’s Ladies as a group became her sponsors. They met once a month for fellowship, friendship and lunch (pre-pandemic) and took a collection each time to pay for the sponsorship. This girl grew up and moved on and they decided to continue sponsoring another high school girl who needed them. Even during the pandemic, members of the group sent funds to make sure their girl was taken care of. They just recently met again and we asked for a picture. This group has been such a support and has provided encouragement to Margaret and the team.

They began sponsoring Damaris about a year ago. According to Gibson, our Head Teacher and Principal of the high school, she is one of our brightest young girls and very humble.  He speaks very highly of Damaris. Here is a recent update of Damaris:

She comes from a family with a very strong mother who loves her family and values education. Her father doesn’t do much to help. The family was able to recently get an acre of land in the forest.  They don’t own it, but as residents of Makutano, they qualify to get use of the land for this season.  They will plant beans and this will really help the family economically and with the food supply for the next year.  The children are quite intelligent and the mother helps however possible.  She is a big support to Damaris and she loves her children very much. 

When school is closed due to the pandemic, Damaris works with the family in the morning doing whatever chores are needed.  Right now they are going to the forest to plant.  In the afternoon, she studies.  She has requested 2 books to help in her studies and she will be able to borrow them from our library.  She did very well on the final exams.  If this keeps up she will make straight admission to university.  She longs to become a doctor or work in some field of medicine.  Next year she has chosen 8 subjects – Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, English, Kiswahili, CRE (Christian Religious Education) and Math.  Noah, our Deputy Head Teacher commented, “She doesn’t have fear of difficult subjects.”  He went on to say that many girls shy away from Physics and Chemistry.  Damaris dives right in.

Damaris is very thankful for the support she is receiving.  She is especially thankful that the Lydia’s Ladies ask about her and want updates on her progress.   She promises to work hard and not let them down.  It is a joy to have Damaris at Heritage.  We thank Lydia’s Ladies for sponsoring her and loving her and making a huge difference in her life.

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